1. PVE & PVP
This server only allows PVE. PVP is strictly forbidden.
If you are shot, do not shoot back. Try your best to find protection and log out. Then report the incident to admins.
If you are worried about your gear we will compensate this (up to 50000 R)
File a report by clicking here…


2. Basebuilding
A base may not be built closer than 1000m from the nearest trader and not closer than 800m from the nearest military base.

A base may only consist of:
Floor area 5×5 and a maximum of 2 floors
8 items for storage


Maximum 4 tents regardless of size
Maximum 8 items for storage

No base can have more than 60 fence elements surrounding it, and maximum 4 watchtowers (fully stacked)

Each base may only have a group of a maximum of 10 members and a maximum of 4 associated cars.

A base must never be built or otherwise adversely affect server performance.
Admins will always ask you to modify your base so that it follows the rules but reserves the right to change or delete your base at any time without notice.


3. Trader
Everyone must help to keep the trader clean and tidy. If you unpack ammo and there is paper on the ground, sell these at the tool trader for 100R a piece. Otherwise, feel free to use the bins that are displayed in the trader.


4. Behavior & Conduct
A simple rule is that you should always behave towards others as you want others to behave towards yourself. Do not be unpleasant, condescending or otherwise mean to other players.

Not everyone knows everything. Some may ask you stupid questions over and over again but try to always answer this in the best way possible. Alternatively, you do not need to answer at all, refer to admins or our website.

Of course racism, sexism, insults and threats are strictly prohibited on this server and will lead to an immediately indisputable ban.

If your approach should be part of your role play, please let us know as soon as possible.


5. Cheating / Glitching / Using bugs
We do not think this really needs to be said, but for safety’s sake we will anyway.

Any form of cheating or software, scripts or unknown glitches / bugs that in any way give you an advantage in the game compared to other players is strictly prohibited and leads to an immediately indisputable ban.

If you suspect someone is violating this rule, report this immediately to an admin. Make a report here…


6. Loot cycling
Loot cycling is strictly prohibited and results in a permanently indisputable ban.


7. Ingame name
Your ingame name must not be what the game gives you by default “Survivor”. This is something you need to change before connecting to our server.

We will ask you to change your name and reconnect. Failure to do so will kick you off the server until it is fixed


8. Obligation to report
All players on this server have an obligation to report rule violations, glitches, problems with mods, admin abuse, server problems, etc. Should it emerge that you as a player withhold information that falls under the obligation to report, this can lead to a permanent ban.

If you notice that something does not seem to be right, you must report this to admins, via Discord, through our reporting page or in the game.


9. Raiding
Raiding is not allowed. Although it is technically possible to get into other people’s bases in different ways, this is not allowed. If you discover an unlocked base, car or storage – leave it.

You may not use objects or anything else to help you jump over fences, walls or anything that is built to protect the base.
You are NOT allowed to enter a base without the owners approval.


10. Cars & Vehicles
Cars do not spawn naturally on this server. If you find an unlocked car out in nature, leave it alone. Under no circumstances may you get in and drive away with a car without the owner’s permission. The same applies to helicopters and other vehicles.

Driving a car and other vehicles is a risk in the game DayZ. It causes a lot of lag and can very easily cause you to crash. We do not replace vehicles that have crashed when you as a player used it. We strongly advise you to drive very carefully.

Exceptions are when vehicles may have despawned due to server failure. If this happens, report the incident to the admins.

To file a report, please click here


All cars must always be covered with a camonet or tarp when not in use. Vehicles found in the world that have not been covered may be deleted. This is a must to save on server performance.
Rules version 1.5.0 – 2021 06 07